Richard B ChauDavis


Tainted Milk 2010-2011

"better empty than poisoned" rbcd 

My Father says I am ugly.

To remove an obsessive thought that brings no relief; a thought that seems to be true but is subtly wrong, like tainted milk that seems to nourish but slowly poisons.

Take the thought, write it on a slip of paper, seal it with a nipple print (silly but effective) and anonymously submit it to the project.

·         An empty space inside.
·         Before burning the original, I create a burn card to act as a vaccine or warning
·         The burning is photographed and prints made as proof of destruction.
·         After burning, The ashes are placed in an urn. 

Is it Art:
Sure, up until this point anyway, but it is still not psychology or theology…

Partial list of statements:
I cannot speak at church
I hate cold winter
Consumed by lies
Deathly afraid of looking old
"No children... useless dug"
I hate being used for masturbation
I can't remember
I wish that I was not so sensitive
Negative thoughts Joanne
I don't trust people
I have started merging a photo of the burning, the nipple print, and an image I have from another photo shoot to create a composite titled after what the person wrote on the nipple print.  Below are a couple examples (more at

I Hate being used for masturbation

I Hate Being Used for Masturbation
I hate cold winter
I hate cold winter