ChauDavis Collective


Ways to pay ChauDavis's for the stuff this weekend at San Diego Pride, 2014.

The first is a donation for Rikki's reading, appreciation of the overall show...


The second is for actual items your walking away with but you only brought your credit card...

Art Work
So, what are you buying?

Various other sites where we can be found (mostly Richard)...

The most up to date is Deviant Art where I post in progress work (first pass work), sold and available work along with a few things from the past. This site.... ah well. (18+)

I used Blurb to publish my 2013 work. Designed for adults (18+) interested in art. Parental discretion and screening is advised as some of the issues and images in the book deal with human sexuality.

Deviant art:


Art Gym SD: